We turn YOUR photo into Art

It's simple. (3 basic steps)

1. Give us a picture or two, old or new; scrapbook photo to digital camera jpgs. Or let us take the picture you want at the highest quality possible, at an additional charge.

2. We make it look great, even if it means removing or adding things. We are also capable of combining elements of two photos into one.

3. We give it to you on wood with anything you want it to say!

If you don't have a picture to give us, we have a number of Stock Photos, (as seen in the Stock Gallery) for you to choose from. All you have to do is add your personal touch or wording.

UpNorth Image Decorative Wood Signs makes a great gift for family and friends!

Here are some ideas:

  • The view from you cabin window or pier.
  • Your pier with or with out activity
  • Your favorite pet
  • Your boat house or boat
  • That special sentimental place
  • Old photos. (They turn out GREAT!)
  • Your biggest buck or fish
  • You and your friends at that special occasion or place
  • Your favorite photo memory

Standard Size of 22" x 28" - On request, we would be happy to make any custom size up to 3 times that size.